Introducing 1 John

On the 26th, we will have an “unofficial” class where we will introduce 1 John.  Who, when, what, why, etc.?  The next Sunday is Mission Sunday, and then our first “official” class will be on March 11th.

I really prefer a textual study for classes (and sermons, for that matter).  It is not that I don’t enjoy topical stuff, such as a study of prayer, but I like how a textual study requires you to confront and deal with what we somtimes call difficult passages of scripture.  The textual approach makes one cover the scriptures as they come.

I have a syllabus for the quarter.  We will try to keep to it, but we will also be flexible, if necessary, as we work through the book.  Click here to get your copy.

Finally, feel free to start a discussion in the comments section.  If you sign up for email notifications, you will be notified when a new post appears.  Hopefully, as we get going someone other than I will be visiting this site!


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3 thoughts on “Introducing 1 John

  1. Tracy Moore on said:

    I totally agree about textual studies. These have always been my favorite. We often use verses in ways a text was never intended (albeit unintentional), including myself, which misses the true essence of what God is really trying to say to us.

  2. Thanks, Tracy. Since you are my first commenter, you win the “first commenter” prize… I just need to figure out what that prize would be.

  3. Looks good. Look forward to the study. Thank you for being out here.

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