Three claims

In 1 John 1:6-10, John points out three claims made by those who have an incorrect view of God’s view of the “light” mentioned in verse 5.  John is probably responding to specific claims being made by false teachers in Asia Minor.  Verse 6, 8, and 10 all start out with:  “If we say” (ESV, KJV, ASV) or “If we claim” (NIV, The Message).  We will talk about those three separate false views of sin; views which are still prevalent today.

I like to evaluate songs on their ability to be consistent with truth and reality.  And I like country songs, which may be a sin in itself.  But check out Miranda Lambert and see if you can see which false view she is falling into, and we will get the class consensus on that important question on Sunday.  See you there!


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