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The second section of scripture we will cover on Sunday will be 1 John 2:15-17.  This section concerns the Christian and the world.  John writes, “Do not love the world…”  Yet, in his gospel account, John quotes Jesus as saying, “For God so loved the world…”  We want to consider whether the meaning of love is being used differently, the meaning of world is being used differently, or a little of both.  Consider the question as you prepare for class this week.

In relation to the idea of not loving the world, what do you think about this column by David Brooks in the New York Times?  He says that “…there’s no use denying — though many do deny it — that [the sports] ethos violates the religious ethos on many levels.”  What do you think?



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3 thoughts on “The world

  1. Rachel on said:

    “Do not love the world” – material things
    “For God so loved the world” – people

  2. Tracy Moore on said:

    I never would have thought I would enjoy an article that used the word “ethos” so many times, but it was very interesting. Playing sports my whole life I understand the dilemma. Great discussion.

  3. I am thinking that dividing the world as Rachel has done is correct, to a point. But I think it there is more to consider. Not only is the world to be defined differently, but love of God for the world (us) is different in quality from the love of the world (us) for God. We are not trying to figure how to best serve God’s needs, but God is surely intent on doing what is best for our needs.

    On the sports angle, I think the columnist (David Brooks) is seeing the difficulty of having an attitude of Christ in sports and not seeing the possibility of some to overcome the bad temptations that sports can bring to our attitudes. He needs to watch Chariots of Fire, again.

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