Test of belief

This week we will be looking specifically at the danger of false teaching.  If you recall, we have talked about the fact that in John’s day there arose different ideas about Jesus and his divinity.  Those teachings are still around, including the idea that Jesus is a myth.

Check out this interesting article on a new book about the existence of the historical Jesus.  I found it interesting that the writer of the book is not a Christian, although he is a New Testament scholar.

I suppose it is easier today to throw out the claim that Jesus is a myth, since a couple thousand years have passed.  That would have been more difficult to claim in John’s day, as there were “many witnesses” who could say they had seen Jesus (1 John 1:1-4).  Apparently, though, people had a hard time accepting the divinity of Jesus, or the idea that God would come in human form, and allow himself to be killed by man.


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